The Best Motherboard For i7 7700k [Answered]


Last years most powerful i7 processor is still a great option in 2018 if you are building a new gaming PC or you just need a processor with some serious power.

The 7700k was the last processor built on the kaby lake architecture which is the successor to the very popular skylake architecture, with kabylake intel pushed the 14nm process even further which made the Intel I7 7700k the most powerful processor in 2017 with out of box speeds of 4.2ghz with a turbo boost of up to 4.5ghz

If you are into overclocking your processor then you will be pleased to know you can overclock this processor past the 5ghz mark with the correct cooling and most of the top motherboards we review are capable of achieving this with ease and have brilliant easy to use inbuilt applications to do this.

If you are viewing this article in 2018 then you are no doubt looking at the i7 7700k over the i7 8700k due to budget reasons as it is naturally a lot cheaper and still a very powerful choice which will take you into the next few years with a powerful processor built to handle the latest games and most power-hungry applications.

To start with you are going to need to be looking at Z270 chipset motherboards which were designed for the Intel Kabylake architecture anything less than this chipset will seriously limit the power you get from the i7 7700k, The motherboard you choose also needs to have a lga 1155 socket otherwise it will be useless for the 7700k.

In this article, we will look at the best motherboard choices for your chosen processor and compare there different onboard features and look into all the factors at play so you can make an informed decision so you pick the best motherboard for your new gaming PC

Making a decision without proper research can limit the performance of your new CPU and what pc parts your new rig can take that’s why the motherboard combined with the processor are the 2 core most important parts of your PC so its natural you want the best or at least the best for your budget.

Best Motherboard for i7 7700k

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